Baseball Cap

Protective Medical Kids Helmet: Prevent Injuries with Style

Baseball cap navy product picture Ribcap medical grade helmet
Oeko Tex Materials
360° Protection
BSI Tested
The Baseball Cap Kids ensures comfort and protection. Soft medical-grade material, detachable chin straps make it a versatile choice. Elevate your child’s safety with the Baseball Cap Kids – where fun meets protection.
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Baseball cap • features

Black icon cotton
Cotton Outside
Black icon breathable
Black icon moisture wicking
Moisture Wicking
Black icon chin straps included
Detachable Chin Straps

general ribcap description

Black icon BSI tested
Loved by . users, trusted by experts
Black icon head protection
360 Head Protection
  • Designed to withstand significant and repeated impact. Boasting a specially formulated and patented polyurethane foam, the state-of-the-art technology used for this special needs helmet provides optimum protection.
Black icon loved by users
  • 3D Design: The liquid foam takes the shape of the mold and solidifies, offering a more organic fit that adheres to the body’s natural curvature.
  • An outstanding wear comfort. Achieve stellar physical comfort as the medical helmet offers skin-friendly qualities, unparalleled hygiene, and freedom of movement without compromising the principal purpose.
  • Made to be worn for a long period of time. Boasting unrivaled breathability through the extra ventilation in between the padding combined with the lightweight materials, this protective helmet will not cause inconvenience in the long run.
Black icon improved back protection
Impressive moisture management tecnology
  • The downy-soft knitted fabric absorbs sweat and transports it away from the body without overly drying the skin for the most comfortable protection ever.
  • Microperforated foam
  • Extra ventilation in between the padding
  • Facilitates breathability and convenience
  • A soft and comfortable base layer


  • Epilepsy helmet
  • Parkinsons helmet
  • Autism helmet
  • Seizure helmet
  • Stroke helmet
  • After surgery
  • Special needs helmet
  • Falls & injury prevention
  • Cerebral Palsy helmet
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Tourette
  • Ehlers Danloss Syndrome
  • Aneurysma
  • Mobility rehabilitation
  • Seniorcare

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