Ribcap and Rollz Deliver Independence, Safety, and Confidence for Clients

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Ribcap and Rollz Deliver Independence, Safety, and Confidence for Clients

Discover how Rollz rollators and Ribcap head protection empower individuals with enhanced mobility, safety, and confidence. Learn from Specialist Occupational Therapist Danielle Base's expertise in selecting premium equipment for independence and security.

By Danielle Base, Specialist Occupational Therapist and Moving and Handling Practitioner

In my work as an Occupational Therapist (OT), I am privileged to help people regain freedom and confidence in their lives. Selecting the right equipment is vital, and premium products like Rollz rollators and Ribcap head protection are truly transformative.

My Dual Role

I have the unique advantage of working between two companies: as part of a leading mobility specialist and with an international clinical product manufacturer specializing in pressure care management. My professional roles span across Pearce Bros Mobility and Gel Ovations Europe, both based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Pearce Bros Mobility is a major mobility stockist in the Southwest of England, where we provide specialist equipment for all different client needs. We proudly stock Rollz rollators and Ribcap head protection, both of which are exemplary in quality and functionality, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Enhancing Lives with Rollz Rollators

When assessing a client for a rollator, I consider several key factors to ensure the equipment is both safe and effective:

1. Stability: To unsure the rollator is stable and safe for the client’s level of mobility.

2. Handle Height: For safe and comfortable use.

3. Seat Height: To aid in standing and sitting.

4. Brakes: Assessing manageability, especially if the client has difficulty with their hand function.

5. Storage Capacity: For shopping items or essential equipment like oxygen bottles.

6. Weight and Transportability: Whether it can be easily transported by car.

7. Terrain Compatibility: Appropriate wheel options based on the type of terrain it will be used on.   

    Rollz rollators offer a comprehensive range of options, allowing us to prescribe the perfect walker for each client, thus enhancing their mobility and independence.

    Ribcap: Fall and Injury Prevention

    Ribcap head protection provides safety without the stigma associated with traditional helmets. Designed to look like fashionable beanie hats and caps, Ribcap offers full head protection in a stylish and discreet manner. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions that reduce mobility and balance and increase the risk of falls such as:

    Cerebral palsy
    Huntington’s disease
    Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    Blood disorders
    Brain disorders
    Parkinson’s disease
    Tourette's syndrome
    Vascular Diseases
    Heart Disease

        Building Confidence and Independence

        Using Rollz rollators and Ribcap head protection together significantly enhances a client's confidence and safety. For someone hesitant to visit a local shop, a Rollz rollator provides stability, storage for groceries, and the ability to take breaks with its seat, thus encouraging more independent outings.

        During assessments, it is crucial to ensure the client's safe use of the rollator. We provide comprehensive advice, support, and practice sessions to confirm the rollator meets their specific needs and helps them navigate their daily activities safely and confidently.


        Rollz rollators and Ribcap head protection are indispensable tools in my practice, empowering clients by improving their mobility and ensuring their safety. These premium brands enable individuals to live more independent and confident lives, transforming their everyday experiences.

        Written by Nico De Wilde